Our philosophy is that the healthiest horses are those kept in their natural environment. Given a choice, it is desirable for these animals to forage in an open pasture.

At Winning Strides, we have designed our facility so that each field encompasses 40 acres. The horses graze is a rich blend of crested wheat, brome and orchard grass.

Water is available from the highly reliable Ritchie automatic horse waterers. Board fence shelters have been built to be available for the horses in each field. The fields are fenced with a combination of barbed wire and electric fence.

The horses are grouped so that mares and geldings are kept separate. We ensure that horses are not across the fence from each other to minimize over fence interaction.

We check the animals daily. We will make all attempts to contact owners in the event of animal illness or injury, however, depending on the severity of such – we will contact a local veterinarian should we feel the need arises.