Policies & Procedures

1. We require each owner to fill out and sign our horse boarding contract.

2. Monthly board is a fixed amount due on the first of the month via Pre-authorized Debit (PAD). Please provide a voided cheque to set up this service. If you are a temporary boarder we appreciate post-dated cheques.

3. If we provide other value-added services such as farrier, deworming, exercising, training etc. will be charged on the 1st of the following month.

4. We will, to the best of its ability, forward a statement of account in support of the debits within 10 days of the transaction.

5. We require 30 days written notice prior to departing our facilities.

6. GST will be added to all services. NSF fee is $25.00.

7. All Boarders are required to sign a liability waiver. In addition there is a safety equipment release waiver if you choose not to wear a helmet when riding at our facility.

8. Please specify your choice of Veterinarian and establish credit so we can have them invoice you directly. In the case of emergency the local vets will be called either Dr. Rhodes or Dr. Hall.

9. An attempt will be made to notify the owner immediately in the event of sickness or injury to the horse. If contact cannot be made immediately the stable will proceed with emergency and veterinary treatments as deemed necessary and the owner will be contacted as soon as possible. The owner is responsible for all vet costs. If the boarder encounters other injured or sick horses at our facility they will contact the stable immediately.

10. The stable will treat the horse in a humane way with respect, proper care and adequate feed. Cookies are available for catching only. Please provide your own supplemental feed if required.

11. We will feed additional provided supplements or feed daily as required for no charge. We keep a feed chart in the feed room indicating what is being fed and track this daily on the calendar in the barn office. If you do your own feeding please note it on the calendar for the chore person. This avoids the horse being fed twice.

12. The stable will not be responsible for accidents, injury or illness to the horse or owner.

13. The tack shed is a shared space for the boarders and you will be provided with a combination for access. It is advised that all tack is covered on a homeowner’s insurance policy in case of theft. When the tack shed is full you may be requested to keep your tack in your trailer.

14. The tack room in the barn is for our personal tack and given it is heated you may use it to store medicine. Also it may be used to warm up riding boots & tack in the winter months only please.

15. We encourage all horses to have regular farrier work. Our resident farrier is Tom Gamble and he is here monthly. The schedule is on the website calendar. If you choose to use another farrier please advise us when your farrier is going to be here.

16. We request horses are kept on a routine vaccination and deworming schedule. We vaccinate in the spring and deworm four times per year and appreciate you do the same. Please keep us informed when these routine requirements occur so we can ensure a healthy herd.

17. Winning Strides is a private facility and we ask that you observe respectful hours when coming and going. Please only come to the house when invited. Unless of course in the case of an emergency.

18. The property is to be kept clean (manure picked up in barn, corrals, arenas & yard). Leave gates as you find them. Use caution around other horses (do not have loose horses in the same pen as tied horses), when riding in fields on the quarter section take caution with loose horses, ask stable prior to riding on neighbours land.

19. Please notify stable owners if anything needs attention.

20. We appreciate those visiting or handling your horse be limited to you or we are advised if there are any additional third party folks on the property.

21. Arrangements can be made for catching, holding in paddock, special feeding or care requirements as required. Please provide advance notice when required.

22. Please work in a co-operative manner with other boarders.

23. No smoking in the barn, office or tack rooms and arena. Please be respectful when disposing of butts.

24. A space to park a horse trailer is available.

25. Blanketing is permitted but we are not responsible for any damage that occurs to the blankets. Please monitor or change them as the weather fluctuates for the comfort of the horses. We will do this for you for an additional fee. If blankets become a hazard we will remove them and notify you. Darn that Blanket provides cleaning & repair services and she is provides pick up and delivery as required.

26. Use of the arena is included in your board fee and please note the schedule is on the website calendar. Please respect current arena rules.

27. Please do not hesitate to speak directly with Laurie and/or Randy to be sure you and your horse’s needs are met.