Arena Regulations

Arena Usage Regulations

  • All riders, parents & guardians must read, understand and sign the liability waiver before riding. If riders choose not to use a helmet they must sign an additional “Safety Equipment Acknowledgement and Release Form”. All waivers must be witnessed by a WS staff. They must be signed each calendar year.
  • There are separate waivers for adults “over the age of majority” and children “under the age of majority” ensure you are signing the correct one. Initial waiver were required.
  • Mark your name & number of horses on the calendar each time you are here.
  • Payment is $10/horse/person or $100/month. Indicate on calendar if you are paying as you go or if you are riding on a pass.
  • New arena users are permitted to keep track for a month to see if you want to pay by the day or get a pass.
  • If you do not pay as you go with cash we will email you an invoice. If we invoice you we must charge GST. Please provide us with your email for invoicing purposes.
  • Turn out lights and turn off radio if you are the last person using the arena.
  • Only those purchasing a monthly pass may book the arena for private time.

Arena General Rules & Etiquette 

  • To avoid disturbing the other riders, go toward the centre of the ring to mount or dismount. If using mounting block do so in a way that disturbs the other riders as little as possible
  • Generally, slower moving horses work towards the inside of the ring.
  • Be aware of other horses in the arena and keep a safe distance.
  • If horses are working to both ways of the ring, left-to-left is considered the correct way to go, meaning horses going counter-clockwise should use the outside track of the ring while riders going clockwise should use the inside track.
  • If a rider falls from his or her horse, stop all movement in the arena immediately.
  • Before coming to WS check the website calendar to make sure the area has not been pre ‘booked’. When the arena has been ‘booked’ it is an exclusive/private booking. Others riders may ride during this time ONLY if they have permission from the person who has booked the time.
  • Please note the arena is heavily booked with lessons April – Nov however, there is 30 minutes between lessons so if you are organized it is possible to go in and ride when the lesson comes out and before the next lesson goes in. During the off season Dec – Mar the arena is more open.
  • Use of the mechanic cow (aka: flag) can only be done when it is booked or there is no one else using the arena. This equipment does not belong to WS and requires permission from the owner if used by others. Please ask Laurie for permission.
  • Lessons cannot be held during open riding times. Only WS instructors are permitted to teach lessons.
  • Lounging of a horse in the arena requires the consent of all persons using the arena.
  • We recommend for reasons of safety, that all riders have supervision when jumping. Safety approved riding helmets are mandatory when jumping.
  • Please take down and put away any jumps/equipment after use (unless it has been indicated the equipment should remain out).
  • Clean up all manure after use and be sure to circle your horse when leaving arena to get off any excess sand.
  • Please ride in a cooperative and pleasant manner with all those that use our facility.