The Barn chore program is available for our students of all ages who would like to work some extra time around the barn. The program offers dual purpose of allowing these students the opportunity to build better equine skills and assist in keeping the barn area well maintained. Although not guaranteed, extra riding time may be incorporated.

Duties include: Cleaning the corrals and arena , emptying manure buckets, catching lesson horses, assisting with lessons, locking up diet horses, cleaning drinkers, filling extra troughs, monitoring and filling mineral, assisting Tom on farrier days, maintaining the brush box, cleaning and oiling tack, painting and maintaining jumps, sweeping and general goforing.

The Barn Chore Program was initiated in 2004. We have since incorporated an annual spring tack cleaning day to prepare all the gear for the riding season. For the current season we continue to have the program opened to include all ages, as some of our adult learners have enjoyed this additional aspect to their lessons.

Check the calendar page for upcoming news and dates. You may contact Laurie directly to sign up for the program. There will be a training day.